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Health Education

Health Education

In rural Nepal, tertiary institutions are hard to come by. Opportunities for higher education is mostly limited to those who are wealthy and live in the metropolitan centres. In the mountains and countryside there is very little access to quality school education, let alone university and colleges. Subsequently, the healthcare sector is in short supply of adequately trained personnel as only 60 Nepalese general practitioners had current qualifications for a nation of 25 million people in 2011. To intensify the strain, 60% of those were practicing in urban areas in a country where 81% of the population live rurally.

This project seeks to improve the health of rural Nepalese by investing in the education of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. Trainees are selected based on:

  • Academic commitment and results
  • Willingness to study in health fields determined by needs’ assessments
  • Likelihood of staying in rural areas of Nepal

Each scholarship holder spends time on placement in remote clinics and hospitals.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

Full and partial scholarships for tertiary students in:

  • Nursing
  • Medicine
  • Health studies
  • Business and management studies
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