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Orthotic Services

Orthotic Services
Orthotic Services

Cambodia’s wartime callouses have begun to heal over however much work remains to be done in building the capacity of orthotic services. Whilst some government support has been reserved to fund prosthetics for victims of land mines, much less is on offer to those with debilitating diseases such as club foot, polio and cerebral palsy. The marginalisation of disabled women and children are of particular concern.

The provision of orthotic devices to this group is intended to not only increase their mobility, but also intrinsically boost their self-esteem, widen their job prospects and transform their quality of life. This project also involves the restoration of a medical clinic to ensure a suitable and safe environment for the provision of surgical and rehabilitative services.

Key Areas of Expenditure:

  • Medical assessment
  • Measurement and manufacture of orthotic devices
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation program
  • Carer training
  • Patient data base maintenance
  • Building repair and refurbishment
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